Pride of Guernsey: Sophie Appelqvist

SOPHIE APPELQVIST’S enthusiasm and care has been recognised by Tessa Dutton-Queripel, who has nominated her for the Garenne-sponsored Teacher of the Year award.

Tessa, who suffered from learning difficulties and had been told she was never going to get anywhere, was supported by Sophie through her GCSEs.
‘She believed in me when others didn’t.
‘She went out of her way in order to help me,’ Tessa said.
‘She was so caring and really was there for me when I needed it.’
When taking her English exams, Tessa said that Sophie changed her exam board because it suited her style of learning better.
That led to Tessa passing with a C grade.
‘She was very enthusiastic and went out of her way to find new ways to help me understand something.
‘She really helped change my life for the better.’