Arts Contribution: Mariposa Strings

Arts Contribution: Simon Couldridge and Mark Guillou

Arts Contribution: Bad Eggs production team and crew

Arts Contribution: A La Perchoine film team

Emergency Hero of the Year: Mike Froome

Emergency Hero of the Year: Kevin Gaudion

Neighbour of the Year: Residents of Sunnyside

Grandparent/s of the Year: Claire Lesbirel

Angel of the Year: Alisha Crocker

Teacher of the Year: Patricia Fox

Neighbour of the Year: Anne Hutchings

Neighbour of the Year: Housing 21 and the Rosaire Community Association

Arts Contribution: Eleanor Atkinson

Young Achiever: Eve Le Sauvage

Overcoming Adversity: Jade Duquemin

Grandparent/s of the Year: Bryan Brehaut

Sustainability Hero: Pollinator Project

Emergency Hero: Flying Christine III crew

Customer Service: Jason Hamon

Angel of the Year: Ben Newell

Sports Volunteer: Rob Thomson

Carer of the Year: Youth Carers Youth Group

Carer of the Year: Martine Dean

Overcoming Adversity: Girls Night In Guernsey

Overcoming Adversity: Guernsey Together Festival organisers

Overcoming Adversity: Ellie Mills

Overcoming Adversity: Anthony McMahon

Overcoming Adversity: Emily Fern

Sustainability Hero: Raymond Evison and Grow Ltd

Emergency Hero: Greg Martin

Angel of the Year: Roustel Ward staff

Diversity and Inclusion: Adrian Sarchet

Diversity and Inclusion: Ellie Jones

Carer of the Year: Alan Done

Carer of the Year: Denise Cohu

Sustainability Hero: Clean Earth Trust

Sustainability Hero: Marc Laine

Arts Contribution: Alison Birkett

Arts Contribution: Vale Earth Fair Collective

Overcoming Adversity: Michael Ellis

Overcoming Adversity: Thomas Vining

Young Achiever: Oriana Wheeler

Young Achiever: Gate's U17s song and dance group

Customer Service: The Model Shop

Customer Service: Bougourd & Harry

Customer Service: Mim Sarre

Customer Service: Maria Marsh

Angel of the Year: Nicky Strong

Angel of the Year: Bulstrode Oncology Unit

Angel of the Year: Choices clinic staff

Angel of the Year: Claire Le Conte

Teacher of the Year: Fiona McGinn

Teacher of the Year: Maria Page

Teacher of the Year: Maria Collier

Teacher of the Year: Carys Broome

Sports Volunteer: Jane Fears

Sports Volunteer: Sadie Merrien

Sports Volunteer: Sylvans Sports Club sub-committee

Sports Volunteer: Heather Robilliard

Customer Service: Jeff Fox

Customer Service: Julie Williams

Customer Service: Iris and Dora

Customer Service: Doreen Homer

Sports Volunteer: Chris Le Friec

Sports Volunteer: Pat Ogier

Young Achiever: Oscar Armenta

Young Achiever: Charlotte Long

Diversity and Inclusion: Jasmine Hislop

Grandparent/s of the Year: Penny Bolger

Sustainability Hero: Jennifer Thomas

Sustainability Hero: Joy Liggett and Cathy Morgan

Sustainability Hero: Guernsey Conservation Volunteers

Sustainability Hero: Julie-Anne Headington

Grandparent/s of the Year: Mike Chapple

Grandparent/s of the Year: Margaret and Dave Guille

Grandparent/s of the Year: Tracey Le Page

Grandparent/s of the Year: Elizabeth Brackley

Grandparent/s of the Year: Maria and Vinny Ogier

Grandparent/s of the Year: Lynn and Clive McMinn

Grandparent/s of the Year: Sue and David Tardivel

Grandparent/s of the Year: Andy and Elaine Creed

Parent/s of the Year: Helen O'Hara

Parent/s of the Year: Rob Smart

Parent/s of the Year: Arun Dowington and Dana Walden

Parent/s of the Year: Anna Coleman

Carer of the Year: Samantha Bull

Carer of the Year: Jackie Davies

Carer of the Year: Helen Sensi

Carer of the Year: Alvina Tostevin

Teacher of the Year: Madeleine Ellert

Diversity and Inclusion: Jaime Sarre

Teacher of the Year: Dallas Courtenay-Warren

Diversity and Inclusion: Climb

Customer Service: The Carpet Doctor

Sports Volunteer of the Year award: Garry Collins

Customer Service: Dave Whalley

Sports Volunteer of the Year award: Bas Brehaut

Young Achiever: Delphine Riley

Neighbour of the Year: Brenda Galsworthy

Carer of the Year: Alicia Vieira

Teacher of the Year: Gemma Domaille

Arts Contribution: Tamara O'Brien

Carer of the Year: Silvinha Soares

Diversity and inclusion: Autism Guernsey training team

Teacher of the Year: Susan Pogson

Customer Service: Health Connections shop staff

Emergency Hero of the Year: Bailiwick Law Enforcement and Autism Guernsey